Is There a Turkey Shortage for Thanksgiving 2021? Shortage of Turkey 2021, Where to Buy Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey is a holiday season staple from Thanksgiving through Christmas and Hanukkah, but this year, we may see far fewer gobblers on our plates. Experts say that there will be a turkey shortage of smaller frozen and fresh varieties, which means if you fly solo or host smaller gatherings over the holidays due to COVID-19, you’re more likely to be affected than, say, your aunt who has a 25-pound bird for her 30 guests every year. Find out what’s behind the turkey shortage, as well as where to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving 2021.

Is there a turkey shortage this Thanksgiving?

A rep for Butterball told TODAY, “Frozen turkeys are the bulk of what is sold at Thanksgiving and are produced all year long. Challenges like labor and transportation that have persisted throughout the pandemic have made it difficult to maintain a normal production flow. The result? Smaller frozen turkeys could be harder to find in stores this November.”

Shady Brook Farms, another leading turkey supplier, also warned that the higher demand for smaller turkeys (thanks to pandemic-induced smaller holiday gatherings) may not be met this year.

A spokesperson for Cargill, the parent company of Shady Brook Farms, told The New York Post, “It is important to note that the overall frozen bird production remains the same compared to previous years though average bird weights are slightly higher for both fresh and frozen birds due processing delays.”

David Anderson, a professor of agriculture economics at Texas A & M University, explained to The New York Post, “Turkey is such a seasonal item, dominated by the Thanksgiving market. We can build up supplies with frozen turkeys for the Thanksgiving market, but fresh turkeys have a tighter schedule. The eggs have to hatch at a certain time.”

One silver lining of not possibly having to get a larger turkey than usual this year? More Thanksgiving turkey leftovers!

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Where to buy turkey for Thanksgiving 2021

If you’re looking for where to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving 2021 amid the turkey shortage, fret not. Of course, you can check with your local grocery store, but there are also online options to bag your bird—and even have it cooked to save you hours of defrosting and cooking!

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Goldbelly Turkey Thanksgiving Meal

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Harry and David Thanksgiving Turkey

  • Create Your Own Gourmet Turkey Feast: Pick sides, appetizers and dessert to go with your turkey to serve eight to 10 for $239.99.
  • Diestel Naturally Smoked Turkey: This 10- to 12-lb. smoked bird is ready to heat and eat for $109.99; two-day shipping is included in the price.
  • Smoked Turkey: Ready to heat and eat, this 10-lb. smoked turkey ships in two days (included) and is $99.99.
  • Sliced Ham and Turkey Sampler: No cooking, no cutting! Just heat and eat this seasoned, pre-sliced ham and turkey entree, which comes with two-day shipping included in its $89.99 price.
  • Gourmet Ham and Turkey Brunch: Get two pounds each of pre-sliced, pre-cooked seasoned ham and turkey, as well as three-cheese scalloped potatoes; an artichoke, mushroom and bacon frittata; and a Wolferman’s apple streusel coffee cake for $179.99.

Rastelli’s Thanksgiving Turkey

  • Oven-Ready Turkey Roast: This $59.99 seasoned white-meat turkey roast boasts 24 to 36 servings, so you’ll probably have some scrumptious leftovers.
  • Turkey Roulades: Feeling fancy, but don’t want to feel trapped in the kitchen? Turkey roulades, complete with seasonings and apple-cranberry stuffing, does the hard work for you for $39 and serves six to 12.

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Fossil Farms Thanksgiving Turkey

Fossil Farms offers turkeys in a range of sizes from eight to 28 pounds, all free-range, vegetarian-fed, with no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Prices range from $50 (whole eight to 10-lb. turkey) to $140 (26-28 lb. turkey).

D’Artagnan Thanksgiving Meal

  • Organic Turkey: Starting at $60, D’Artagnan’s organic turkeys are also free-range, non-GMO and fed a vegetarian diet with spring water free of fluoride and chlorine.
  • Green Circle Turkey: Starting at $55, D’Artagnan’s green circle turkeys are free-range and free of antibiotics and added growth hormones.
  • Heritage Turkey: Free-range Narragansett and Bourbon Red breeds fed non-GMO corn and soy, heritage turkeys start at $159.99.
  • Natural Bone-In Turkey Breast: Fed an all-vegetarian gluten-free grain diet of corn and soybeans, this frozen option starts at $56.99.
  • Truffle Turkey Breast: Coated in real black truffles, this hormone- and antibiotic-free turkey is a unique option at $54.99.

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